Lafayette Baptist Association

Lafayette Baptist Association

Family Life and Discipleship Ministry

Angie Land, Director

        Lafayette Baptist Association’s Family

Life and Discipleship Department is

committed to building strong healthy marriages

and families in our churches and communities!

 Like never before, our culture is experiencing

 the breakdown of the home in record numbers,

but God’s Word remains the tried and true

path to restoration. He is still the Way,

 the Truth and the Life, and it is our privilege and

responsibility to share His Way with every family!.

With the approximately 2500 families in

our association,the need for discipleship and

training for our families is critical, and your Family

and Discipleship department is continually working

to bring relevant help for today’s families.

We look forward to serving you!

For Healthy Families,



Lafayette Baptist

Association’s Family Life & Discipleship Department…

 “Building Strong Marriages,  Building Strong Families”




Pre-Marital Counseling


 Marriage is a commitment that God takes very couples need some

intense up-front information about the vows they are taking and what they really mean.

Sessions are a great addition to meeting with pastors and cover topics such as

roles and responsibilities, loyalty, communication, decision-making as couples, etc.

Pastors are encouraged to refer couples to Angie at the association office by calling

(386) 935-2629 to make an appointment. (Sessions attended with pastor

recommendation meet requirements for marriage license discount)

Times and dates are flexible.




 Often in our marriages, we hit a wall that causes us serious struggles.

 One-on-one can help! In confidential, private sessions, one-on-one direction

 from God’s Word may be just the thing to help couples get back on track

and experience the healing and restoration that only God can offer!

Make your confidential appointment by calling Angie at the association

office at (386) 935-2629.